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  We do not accept any next day orders. 
But placing orders well in advance(3-4 weeks)
will help ensure the availability of the date of your order. 
We cannot give a specific amount of time to guarantee any order because all dates will book up differently. 

Our large showcases are filled daily with a large variety of cakes
, cookies and pastries to choose from.
We can decorate them while you wait. 

ALL Orders will require payment in full.
Deposits are Non-refundable.

All orders when placed need to be final;
we do not accept any changes to any orders.

Marlton is permanently closed. 

When you agree to our business terms and conditions and pay for your order,
you agree that any items ordered will
be reproduced as Sweet Eats Bakery’s interpretation of the item and will not be an exact replica.

You may provide us with a photograph for inspiration and duplication; however, we make no
claims for exact duplication of the work done by other cake decorators.

Custom cakes are a work of art; therefore, we will not copy the work produced elsewhere due to copyright or
trademark laws.
The finished product(s) will be as similar as possible.
We will make every attempt to provide the
design as requested, including matching colors.

Please note that we cannot read your mind and there are a lot of chances that the design of your
cake will be different of what you are expecting if not enough information is provided. We do not take responsibility if
the color of the decoration is a different shade that you had in mind.

Thank you!
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