We do not accept any next day orders. 
But placing orders well in advance(3-4 weeks) will help ensure the availability of the date of your order.  We cannot give a specific amount of time to guarantee any order because all dates will book up differently.  Our large showcases are filled daily with a large variety of cakes to choose from. We can decorate them while you wait. 

We do customize cakes for both locations but the more elaborate cakes must be ordered in person at our Voorhees location. All orders must be picked up at the store they where placed. We have photos at both locations but we have more of a selection in our Voorhees location.  
ALL Orders will require payment in full.
Please place orders as soon as possible because we do limit the amount of orders we can accommodate. All orders when placed need to be final; we do not accept any changes to any orders.
Thank you!